PCwebApp & PCApp

Complete software management for the modern pest control industry



 is our first solutions for the pest control company.

This is the management web application works in perfect synergy with the mobile application PCApp

Greatly efficient and complete in the data management get by pest control operatore will make you saving time in your works, a better and more complete collections of data and a certain brand image increasing  towards the customers.

Some special  application's features make you able to work without worries, because at the data management think PCApp.
No manual elaborations needed after the field work, no worries about graphs elaborations and for the reports for your customers,   PCwebApp is working for you in real time !

PCwebApp can, through  a special features included, optimize working time and costs of your service, with a complete control on the technicians and of appointments.

An innovative wireless system improve the pest control stations and traps identification.

PCmonitor is the name of the patended  software, it allows a complete interactivity between installations of stations and traps and the PCO technician , improving work's efficiency and reliability of all monitoring system. PCmonitor can be used together with classics identifications systems as barcode e QR code, or it can be  a new system, making easier working procedure in difficult installations conditions too.

Bring your pest control company at  higher  level of efficiency, choose PCApp & PCwebApp.